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Design and Planning


I take a full measured and photographic survey of the property to enable us to produce a full set of accurate drawings for planning approval.


From site survey and discussion, we determine whether the proposed works are a permitted development or whether planning permission is required.  

If required, drawings of the property and proposed alterations are produced to Council requirements to support the planning application

Elevations and floor plans are produced to provide relevant information on size and position of the development and external finishes.  

Block and street plans provide information on the location of the building plot, existing building(s) and neighbouring properties.


Building Regulations


I can produce detailed drawings and technical specifications to support Full Plan Submission applications to the Council's Building Control Department that demonstrate compliance with Building Regulations. Once approved, these documents can be used to obtain quotations for the build. The main purpose of these documents is to provide your chosen building contractor with the right amount of detailed information to ensure your construction work is completed to the necessary standard and in compliance with statutory legislation.



Virtual Tours

Virtual tours allows clients to see and interact with an environment such as a real estate walkthrough, office tour, and so on. This allows them to experience the full scope of the property right in the comfort of their own home. We produce fully interactive and immersive 360°virtual tours for you. This lets your clients to become fully immersed in an environment, feeling like they are already there. Whether you want to showcase your property or business, we can take you to the next level of interactivity!

Where can I use a 360° Virtual Tour?

Our tours are made up of a series of 360° panoramic images, which are combined into an interactive walkthrough tour. We shoot in high end 360 resolution to maximise the quality of the experience. Your clients will be able to click on ‘hot spots,’ either on the image or via an interactive floor plan, to allow them to move from room to room as if they were physically there.

Map Illustrations

I specialise in designing unique, bespoke computer-aided illustrated maps for attractions such as caravan and lodge parks, businesses, amusement parks, golf clubs, sports venues, hotels and more...

We will provide you illustrated maps for your business shown through a birds eye perspective. Consequently, these designs shows your visitors exactly what to expect, a good idea of their location and the attractions they are excited to see. 

Illustrated maps are a great way to express fun, good times and improve the visitors experience.

To increase the visitors experience ,it is crucial that these maps are clear and easy-to-use for all ages. We are able to add your brand to the maps, by creating:

  • Promotional leaflets of the illustrated maps with the companies branded logo

  • Illustrated maps added to your web address to help visitors when booking.

  • Easily printable PDF's of your site so visitors can download them.

  • Illustrated maps given to guests on arrival, where staff can highlight their stay location, toilets, pathways and food stalls.